Our main customiser page is split into 2 sides. Click the part of the suit to be customised on the right and then select your notch lapels, how many buttons, pocket styles and many more. From the suits page, find a fabric you like and click the suit. You can then buy the suit with our standard customisation or better still click the customise button and make it your own.Check out the tabs for Style, Fabric, Extras etc where you can configure all parts of your suit or shirt to have it just the way you want it.Fancy a change of colour? Just click the fabric tab and choose from all available suit and shirt fabrics Blacks, Greys, Pinstripes, Checks........we have all the classics and all the latest modern styles too. Our Customiser will update the model with your chosen fabric so you can see how it will look.Once configured with the fabric of your choice, add to cart and enter your name and email address so we can save all your preferences and measurements. We will keep these for at least 5 years. Should you wish to order again, just login with your email address and you can re-order in your own style right away.Once we receive your order we will drop you a line to confirm and then check over the details and measurements. Once all is set, our tailors will get to work and have your suits and shirts hand made that very week. We will drop you a line with photos of your clothes to check before we send and once we get the OK from you........ .....they are on thir way
We have made Suit and Shirt Customising easy....and fun
How it Works
At BeBe, not only do we tailor-make clothes we also tailored our own on-line suit and shirt configurator. We think it is the best in the industry at showing how your customisations will make your suit/shirt what it is.....Yours !! Change your cuffs, Change your collars, Put your initials on your shirts...Make it your own.
The best way to use our Suit and Shirt Customiser is to just dive in !! It really is easy to use and pretty intuative. You can’t really make a mistake and if you are unsure of anything just drop us a line on our contact page. Happy Suit Making !!