Production -Where it all happens
These days our customers insist on knowing where their clothes are made. So much so that BeBe built thier production facility next to the sales floor. Our customers love having the freedom to walk around the facility and meet the tailors making their clothes. The vast majority of online tailors give no indication of where and how their garments are being made (most won’t even tell you which country!!). Our shop based customers insist on seeing the working conditions of our staff so why shouldn’t you?Visability and Transparency - Where your clothes are made.
We are really proud of the working environment here at BeBe and want our customers to see that. With shorter working hours, free meals and even an afternoon nap BeBe is a great place to work. The smiles we see each day tells us its worth it.
Ha at the cutting station a favourite spot in the production area opening out on all sides to the garden and its breezeRight outside our Production area is a favourite spot for all the staff to take a break, eat some lunch (all meals provided) and catch up on the general chit-chat of the day. 5 seconds is all it takes to go from our customer to the tailor. Having the production area right next to the sales floor means alterations and changes can be done while you wait. Most of our customers pop into production to see their suit getting made and to say hello to the tailor.Each of our master tailors has three apprentices who spend atleast three years learning the craft. Yen has just finished has just finished his apprenticeship and will be eligible for master in two more years. Having 15 quality controllers should give you some idea of how important the details are for us. Here the team are giving the final once over to a wedding suit with the sales floor in the background.Ha is one of our jacket master tailors. An integral part of the BeBe team, each tailor specialises in a particular garment meaning there is nothing Ha doesn’t know about about fitting a great jacket.No two customers are built the same, BeBe takes over twenty measurements for a suit meaning very few alterations are ever needed.Tailoring is all about the detail and some things are just better done by hand.
Tho is our longest serving tailor who has been with us from the very beginning and is the guy all the apprentices look upto. Tho passes down his knowledge to the younger tailors and we couldn’t do without him.Always great to see the gang happy with their work.QC gang at workWe even care about the detail you don’t see.With an 18 point checklist for each garment nothing gets missed by our QC. Every suit starts here at the cutting table. We don’t make cookie cutter suits each suit starts out from your individual measurements.We would have a riot on our hands if our lunch and dinners didn’t come up to scratch!!

Each day our kitchen prepares a feast for our staff. The food is excellent and in true Vietnamese fashion everyone takes gets an hours nap after lunch. 
Our gang take care of business BeBe takes care of them.Concentration is the name of the game. We caught Van putting the final touches on a business shirt for one of our customers.