Why Us?
In the online tailoring world BeBe is differentHardly any other companies show who is behind tailoring your clothes. In 15 years of business BeBe has had over 70,000 delighted customers. Our cutomers demand to know that the people producing your clothes paid, looked after and most importantly happy in their work.
Our in-store customers want to see that the staff at BeBe are well looked after so why not our on-line customers? With free meals, great pay and shorter working hours the staff at BeBe are family !! Meet them here.Quality is the name of the game when it comes to tailoring. From the initial fabric down to the final stitching BeBe has it covered. Our in-store customers want to see that the staff at BeBe are well looked after so why not our on-line customers?With our on-line configurator choosing the fabrics makes it easy to see the end result of your suit.We have 5 different choices of cuff for even the most formal of occasions Give us your phone dimensions and we will make a customized pocket for it like we did for this customer. Along with great prices you can be assured that everyone gets a fair share. With great pay, free meals and shorter working hours, you can feel comfortable spending at BeBe.
Bebe has a huge selection of fabrics to choose from with 3 different prices depending on the fabric chosen.
BeBe - Fantastic fitting suits at a fantastic price. See more of what goes on in our on-site Production Facility here.Mealtime at BeBe would equal any restaurant in town...BeBe Production Facility 5 Hoang Dieu Street. Hoi An
This is your suit so why not individualise it. Choose your cuffs, collars and even put your name or initions on your clothes
Bebe has come a long way in the last 15 years. From a small mum-and-pop shop to over 70,000 customers its been a heck of a trip. Whether buying online or in store, we believe its important for you to know who is behind your tailoring. The photo essay below gives a peek into how we became who we are....Vietnam’s most trusted tailor. We hope you have a good idea of who we are by now but why listen to us? Instead listen to the over 5000 people who have been on-line and reviewed us.
BeBe has an active presence on facebook and people contact us everyday here. Drop by and say hello.
Since the start of the year we have had 178 reviews of which 162 were 5 star and 11 were 4 star. An outragously good level of customer satisfaction in anyones books
With over 5,000 reviews on Tripadvisor, this is a good place to start your reseach on where we stand with on-line tailors. We have just received the Travellers Choice award again this year.
Our Sarah getting in on the fun with her customer from Instagram
There are thousands of customers who have dropped by on instagram and said hello to us at @bebe_tailor_hoian
We searched high and low for a suit and shirt configurator to show off our fabrics. None out there were good enough so we built our own. Seeing your chosen fabric and style modelled before your very eyes is the name of the game here at BeBe. Click above to try it yourself.
We are hard to beat on price compared to the other on-line tailors out there. The main reason is we cut out the middleman. BeBe tailors the clothes, runs the website and delivers the clothes. Other on-line tailors outsource their work to factories in China and the rest of Asia ....all our tailors are here with us.
Our Business Essentials range of shirt fabrics. See more here.
Our shirt range includes, business essentials, premium and a casual range available
Our Fine Silks
Beautiful hand-made shirts that fit you perfectly.
Our suit range includes Business Essentials, Everyday value and Luxury Fine Suiting so there is a suit for every occasion at the right price.
Fabrics on display at our flagship shop in Hoi An
Customers choosing form our silk range in our shop in Vietnam
Linings for suits really can make the difference so why not jazz things up a bit with a hand picked lining for your suit
BeBe has a huge range of fabrics in their stores in Vietnam.
Our Everyday Value Range of Suit Fabrics at a great price. See more here.
Working buttons? Coloured last button hole? just ask .....all in a days work for us.
Our online store is very competitively priced to our competition and with our pledge to transparancy at BeBe there are no hidden costs. The price you see is what you pay and most of our customizations are feee of charge
Anh and Chi photobombing their customer as ever...!!
Mklchau came up with a really dapper double breasted suit made by our very own Lisa. A thank you via instagram always makes our gangs day.